Monday, August 11, 2014

Today's light-hearted BWD takes a look at some of the hilarious ways people have spent money looking for fitness magic, offers natural solutions for gas, and introduces a hero whose cyclocross career started with a decision to get out of the house and live. May it bless you.
Be Well!


Fitness fads can be funny. They can also be dishonest. Ever since the first con man strolled into town with a sack full of snake oil and patent medicines, scam artists have been pulling the wool over the eyes of people who long for health and fitness without actually having to work hard to get them. Millions are seduced every year by the promise of a shortcut to wellness. explores some of the silliest in this amusing slide show. Before you invest in a program, system, or piece of equipment for your body, use your brain. Think before you buy.


Oh, and speaking of funny (come on, you know they are), many of us find that increasing the whole foods and fiber in our diet can have consequences that are, well, aromatic. You can invest in pills and potions to reduce offensive emissions, or you can try one of these food-based solutions for the toots from the folks over at Huffington Post. Here's hoping one of them helps you keep things silent, not deadly.


There are heroes all around us. Meet Ernest Gagnon. At nearly 600 pounds, he was standing at Death's front door (and locked inside his own) Fed up with the shame, Ernest decided to climb onto a bicycle and pedal his way back to life. His story of courage and determination at is sure to inspire you to pick yourself up when things seem hopeless.