Monday, August 18, 2014

Gut Checks

In today's #BWD: using the power of your mind to keep your body moving; the importance of gut health; and the inspiring story of a daughter who refused to let cancer win, even after it took her father's life. May it bless you.

Be Well,


Do you ever use a mantra when you exercise? These little phrases are like a coach in your head, encouraging you and helping you to keep focus. I first learned to use a mantra as a runner, but now I find I include them in the weight room, in the pool, and even when I teach group fitness classes. Jeff Galloway, the legendary running coach talks about how a mantra can help keep your mind on your work, and offers some of his own favorites in Mantras to Stay Motivated.


How are your guts? No, I'm not talking about your courage, I mean your innards. Gut health is critical for processing food, of course. But did you realize that your gut also plays a critical role in reducing allergies, maintaining mental health, and fighting cancers all over your body? Here's an informative and scholarly reminder from Dr Marcola at Delicious Obsessions that Your Gut Health is More Important Than You Think.


Like so many of us, Jimena Peña-Garza's heart was broken by cancer. When the doctors found the disease in her dad's lungs in 2007, she became a warrior on his behalf. Even though his battle was shockingly brief, Jimena has been taking the fight to cancer ever since. With the help of Team LIVESTRONG, she has become a marathoner, and she races to support the struggle against the killer that stole her father from her. Hers isn't a "feel good" story: it's a call to arms; an inspiration to take action in the fight for life.