Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weight Training is Good for Your Head, Too!

Today's edition of BWJ looks at lessons from the weight room, an advanced core workout, and the reasons we exercise. May it bless you.
Be Well,


You may not think of the weight room as a place to train your mind, but there are important life lessons to be learned from all that iron: the importance of patient, consistent pursuit of your goals; the power of poor nutrition; and the value of suffering. Bret Contreras, "The Glute Guy" lays it out in this fascinating piece on 10 Things All Beginning Lifters Should Know.


Why is your core so important? Because it's your powerhouse. Every human movement begins in the muscles that form the trunk: that solid wall of muscle from your shoulders to your hips. It doesn't matter if you're playing the piano, clicking the remote control, hitting a curve ball, or catching yourself when your foot slips off the edge of the curb... everything starts in your core. Here's a great workout from the folks at Shape magazine for advanced exercisers who want to go beyond the crunch and the plank for some high power core strengthening.


What motivates your efforts toward wellness: love or fear? Do you exercise because you hate your body and want to change it, or because you love your life and want to be able to enjoy it as much and as long as possible? Rachel Grate's insightful essay, Why We Need To Change The Way We Talk About Working Out is written with women in mind, but it challenges all of us to find the positive, creative goals that will keep us on track.