Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Living With Depression and Grief

Many of us are grieving the loss of a great, and greatly wounded heart today. But even as we grieve, it is good to remember that life, even a life that seems hopeless at the moment, is worth fighting for. I will say more when I've had some time to contemplate the loss of a man whom millions of strangers thought of as a friend. For now, may you, and may Robin be blessed.
Be Well,

This counter-intuitive and provocative article from Scientific American explores the possibility that depression is not a disorder, but an evolutionary adaptation to complex problems. Can the intensity and focus that depression gives us be put to creative use, rather than breeding destructive rumination?

Some startling results from Dr. Michael Babyak, et al at Duke...

It isn't always easy to believe when you are depressed, but it is true...