Thursday, August 7, 2014

Life: Fight for it, Preserve it, Celebrate it

In today's edition: Fighting for life; preserving summer's harvest; and loving gratitude for the person you are. May it bless you.
Be Well,


Controversial? Oh, yes. Confessed liar and cheater? No question. Cancer Victor and inspiration to millions fighting the disease? Give Lance his due. His blood doping hurt his sport and destroyed his career. But his battle against cancer, in himself and later in the world, represents a legacy that will live long after he is gone. I read It's Not About the Bike... during my own cancer treatment, and the story of Armstrong's journey was a guidebook in courage for me. The tragedy is, the man was a hero long before he ever got back in the saddle.


What's not to love about the produce of late summer? Fresh, whole foods, packed with nutrition and free from preservatives. How to keep those treasures from the Farmer's Market fresh? Here are some tips from folks who should know... the editors of Vegetarian Times.


People will go to some self-destructive lengths to stay in a relationship. For many of us, being alone is the most terrifying thing in the world. It doesn't have to be. The Bible says you are an imitation of the image of God. In this fun and challenging post, Maria takes a break from her Farm Country Kitchen for a few moments to offer her thoughts on the ways you might express your gratitude for the gift of who you are.