Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Kitchen Junk Drawer

It wasn't really junk. More like a collection of treasures too specific and odd to fit in one of the other categories that Gramma used to keep her meticulous little kitchen organized. You never knew what marvels might be in there. String from bakery boxes. A ball of rubber bands. Twist ties for garbage bags. The big, heavy red handled kitchen scissors. A bottle opener or two. An old letter. A tiny hammer with a handle that unscrewed to reveal an even tinier screwdriver hidden inside. A couple of those Fun Size Snickers bars that she used to sneak to the dog. And a little envelope full of coupons and recipes snipped from cereal boxes, can labels, and any other source that might come along. I don't think she ever really cleaned the junk drawer out. But I remember pulling everything out of it and spreading it across her kitchen table, just to see what all was in there. It was like being a treasure hunter. I have a little drawer like that on my computer. Here is a collection of treasures I found while sorting through my own junk drawer this morning. May it bless you.

Be Well,

Christopher McDougall's ultramarathon classic Born To Run
turned me on to Chis Seeds. Dig the possibilities.
Aw, nuts!

Joe Cross, producer of Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
on the new root in town.

You can make THAT with protein powder?

Yummy summer salad.

Pesto from Beet greens? Why not?

Warm, fresh Naan:
One of my favorite things about Indian dining.

Unstuffed Bell Peppers? Gramma would have loved this one.

10 recipes for cornbread? Somebody pass the Sorghum.

I've never had much luck with home made pizza crust.
But this one looks promising.


Fact or Fad?
Trying to steer clear of salt is like trying to avoid
Pennsyltucky potholes.

70 pictures of what a 200 calorie serving looks like.
It's a good news/bad news kind of thing...
Food IS medicine