Friday, September 12, 2014

The Head, the Hips, and What Dreams May Come

In today's #BWD: attitude and recovery go hand in hand; how strong hips can protect your knees; and what your dreams might be telling you about your inner life. May it bless you.

Be Well!

The more I learn, the more convinced I become that all health begins in your head. As I recover from my own setbacks, as a runner, I am discovering just how important thinking is to moving forward. Runners World offers 7 Secrets for Making a Comeback, and it isn't surprising that many of them involve adjusting what's going on between your ears.

Who knew that a complaining knee would lead me to a seminar in hip strength? When my left knee started aching so badly that I could no longer run without pain, I went to a Physical Therapist who understood my need to get back on the road. His analysis of my scans, my leg strength, and my running gait led not to the knee, but to the hip. Weak support muscles were causing me to land with crooked joints, which aggravated the arthritis that is developing in my aging hinges. A series of exercises and stretches, (which are now part of my daily routine), have helped to improve the function and strength of these core joints, and I am running comfortably again. Get Fit and Motivated has published this comprehensive strengthening workout that uses a resistance band, also called TheraBands. As I learn and collect more resources, I'll be saving them on a Pinterest board that you can follow using the link below.
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Here's a fun and intriguing article from to finish up the week. You know how important sleep is to your body as it recovers from your daily workout. But even as you sleep, your inner life is still in motion. Since biblical times, dreams have been believed to reveal truths that we may not see during our waking hours. See if you don't recognize some of your own dreams in 16 Common Dreams and Their Interpretations.