Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Are Your Go-to Stress Foods Making It Worse?

In today's #BWD: How "comfort food" can increase your stress; deciding how fast to move the weights when you are lifting; and a reminder to include gratitude and grit in your workout routine. May it bless you.

Be Well.

The more time I spend trying to modify my own eating habits, and talking with others who struggle with food, the more convinced I become that most eating problems are really thinking problems. It's been said that food is our most abused anti-depressant. But researchers at The Ohio State University have found that fatty, sugary comfort foods are especially damaging when we are experiencing stress. How Stress Can Affect Your Weight (It's Worse Than We Thought.) sheds some light on the way eating to feel better may actually be making you feel worse.

Sean Nalewanyj is a trainer I've been following online for a long time. Don't be intimidated by all the photos of body builders; his advice is good for anybody who ventures into the weight room. How fast should you be moving the bar? The answer is: it depends. Check out Sean's thoughts on The Best Rep Speed for Muscle Growth and Hypertrophy.

One of the principles of my personal wellness plan is that I don't exercise because I hate my body. I exercise because I love it, and I love being able to do things with it that I never thought would be possible. Next time you look in the mirror or step on the scale and are tempted to hate what you see, try to recall this little tidbit.