Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Head, Hips, and Heart

In today's BWD: doing more things for yourself; mind/body exercises for your hips; and the story of a woman who refuses to stay down. May it bless you.

I read an interesting Facebook post this morning about Consumption versus Creation. Am I a giver, or a taker? It reminded me of how much better bread tastes when I bake it myself, or how much better the car seems to sound when I change my own oil. Collective Evolution suggests some other ways you can start making instead of taking.

Since spending the summer in physical therapy for an arthritic knee, I have become obsessed with hip strength and mobility. Here is a sequence from SaraBethYoga that will help you improve the functionality of those crucial joints.


Getting knocked down doesn't make you a hero. Getting back up does. Lisa isn't satisfied to be a survivor. She is determined to be a victor. Enjoy her story from